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Introducing the New Testament Books Video Series

This "Introducing" series, will help you better understand the big picture of each of the books of the New Testament. This video series is a portion of the New Testament Survey course that Weaver teaches at the Word of Life Hungary Bible Institute. Free class notes are available in the description section of each video, and the accompanying book Introducing the New Testament Books, written by Paul, is available at a very affordable price here on this website. 
This video series, when complete will include:*

Introducing the Gospels
Introducing The Synoptic “Problem”
Introducing Matthew
Introducing Mark 
Introducing Luke
Introducing John
Introducing Acts

Introducing Romans
Introducing 1 Corinthians
Introducing 2 Corinthians
Introducing Galatians
Introducing Ephesians
Introducing Colossians
Introducing Philippians
Introducing 1 Timothy
Introducing Titus
Introducing 2 Timothy
Introducing 1 Thessalonians
Introducing 2 Thessalonians

Introducing Philemon
Introducing Hebrews
Introducing James
Introducing 1 Peter
Introducing 2 Peter
Introducing 1 John
Introducing 2 John
Introducing 3 John
Introducing Jude
Introducing Revelation 
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